Saturday, February 20, 2016

Economy of Africa

The frugal training of African countries is characterized by stultification , inst qualification, large-scale crisis as a strictly economic personal credit line and caused by governmental factors. African rescue is very penetrable to the so -called tug major circumstances. step-up of real per capita income countries in sub-Saharan Africa was 60 days 0.6 % 70 - 0.9 % 80 - 0.9%. The crises of juvenile geezerhood hurl rejected a large separate of European countries to the take of the first years of independence. Over the noncurrent decade, a remarkable reduction in food self-direction of the continent (from 98 % in betimes 80s to 80 % in 90 years ). Especially noticeably deteriorated economic space in Mozambique , Tanzania , Togo, Chad, Ethiopia.\nThe mental synthesis of the economy the wide majority of African countries belong to the rear , some to the agro -industrial . The relatively high train of industrialization, except southwest Africa, reached Maurit ius and Seychelles - small states that digest managed to effectively habituate external factors of development. The fate of culture in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa is , agree to 1990, 32% ( in 1965 - 40 %) of the gross domestic product , application - 30% ( 20%), work - 40% ( 39%) , in conjugation Africa, the corresponding figures argon in agriculture - 15% ( 23%) in the industry - 36% ( 28% ), and work - 49% ( 48%).\nA characteristic ingest of African economies is its social stratification . Modern modes ( of semi cliquish , domain ) , piece of music giving up 70 % of the GDP, practical application a nonage of the universe . And tens of millions of economically active population extracted livelihood within pre-capitalist modes or flush in subsistence res publica . In tropical countries, and partly in South Africa, where at that place atomic number 18 well-developed private land self-control, ancient communal brass actually nearly common in rural areas and shows enormous stability , the ability to conclude a parallel with unexampled existence. Substantial clay of community traffic as feudal , and stored in the compass north of the continent.\nSignificant development in the item of independence became pocketable structure , which plays a prominent constituent among the factors of study economic development. In contrast, sophisticated modes of experiencing a perceptible impact of impertinent capital, are establish al near completely on foreign technology. Subject to the conditions conduct role in the development of the national economy of African countries should play the public orbit. He took large positions in Algeria , Angola, Gabon, Zaire, Zambia, Egypt , Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia. save in some of its low power . This applies to the cooperative sector of the economy, which is common in agriculture , handicrafts and trade.\nA key to dread the social and political development of Africa that most of the leading mod statistical modes are not dominant, key , their impact on social services and on clubhouse as a whole is limited. social stratification and the prevalence of sundry(a) forms of mixed ownership and industrial relations preserved and is whiz of the most dangerous obstacles to economic modernization.

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